1. Post video of you dancing on Instagram with the message below, your dancer name, and your representation. You can copy the message below by pressing the COPY button. Please use it to copy and paste the message to your Instagram post. (Video must be within 1 MINUTE!!)

    1. Welcome to NEXT HOUSE LAB. REMOTE 2020 【 @nexthouselab 】🏁

      Dancer Name:

      For participation, post the video of you dancing on Instagram (Video must be within 1 MINUTE!!). Record your best move to win the ticket for 1 on 1 tournament held on 6/27 Sat!! 🏅

      To register for this event, proceed to payment from our website🤳
      【Link for the web is on bio of @nexthouselab!】 Tag your friends!


    1. After you posted your video on Instagram, please pay the entry fee (¥1,200) using PayPal. Please be sure to write your Instagram Account in the message that will appear as you proceed your PayPal payment.

    1. Our Instagram account(@nexthouselab) will “like” your post and this will indicate that your entry is successfully completed.
      If your Instagram account is private, please accept follow request from us(@nexthouselab)!

There might be a case where your post gets a copyright claim due to the music you are using. If so, please post another one with different music. Thank you!