Preselection: 6.1 Mon ~ 6.15 Mon
Result of Preselection: 6.20 Sat 9 PM ~ 10 PM
1 on 1 tournament: 6.27 Sat 6 PM ~ 10 PM

6.1 Mon ~ 6.15 Mon

・Post video of you dancing on Instagram (Video must be within 1 MINUTE!!)
・Use any music of your choice
・Due on 6.15 23:59 in TOKYO time (GMT+9)
・Judges will examine your video and 24 people will proceed to the 1 on 1 online tournament.
・Please jump to this link for entry.

Result of Preselection
6.20 Sat 9 PM ~ 10 PM

・Result will be announced in our YouTube live stream at NEXTHOUSELAB YouTube channel.
・Judges will give us some word about the overall preselection and tournament match up will be announced here as well.

1 on 1 tournament (YouTube Live)
6.27 Sat 6 PM ~ 10 PM

・Dance battles are captured live by remote online system(Zoom)
・Dancers would dance on the spot with the DJ’s play like they do in a club.
・Battles are stream live worldwide at NEXTHOUSELAB YouTube channel.